Financial Sector

Financial entities consume a wide area of software and data services. In the last years we have faced important changes derived from regulation and practices reinforcement as a reaction to the financial crisis.

crudo plugin high level architecture

We have experienced increases in liquidity (Basel) and reporting (Dodd Frank, MiFiR, ...) requirements, the need of equities information repositories and unified identifiers. At this point we are facing changes in data formats like the migration from SWIFT to ISO 20022.

All this changes require highly trained skilled teams as delivery times can not be moved and compliance failures imply both economic penalties and operational risks.

At Vionta we can deliver standard J2EE applications with large interfaces, quick high fidelity prototypes, support on analysis and workshops.

crudo plugin high level architecture

We also have a a long experience managing data with the Xml Stack (Both Switft, ISO 20022 are Xml based standards), implementing data transformation pipelines, reporting and data visualization.

We could also alleviate PEP and KYC requirements management with semantic and text mining technologies.